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Dr. Murray Zedeck, Chairman of the Board 
William E. Himes, Director, President & CEO
Leonard E. Zedeck, Esq.,  Director, Attorney
Seymour Roth, Director, Investments
David B. Schulman,  Director, Insurance Executive
Henry O. Boenning, Director, CPA  
William E. Himes, President & CEO 
Ed Barranco, Executive Vice President
Peter J. Swiatek, Senior Vice President, CFO & COO
Lisa Pandolfo, Senior Vice President, BSA & Compliance
Rick Rueger, Vice President, IT & Branch Administration
Jean Akselrod, Assistant Vice President & Accounting Manager
Dawn Palochick,  Assistant Cashier, Branch Manager- Hallandale 
Isabel Ruber, Assistant Cashier, Loan Administration
Linda Slater, Assistant Cashier, BSA/AML Specialist  
Frances Solomon, REO Portfolio Manager
Our Advisory Board... 
John L. Fahrer,  Leasing Consultant
Benjamin R. Jacobi, Esq., Attorney
Ross Manella, Esq.,  Attorney
Rhoda Waxman,  Realtor 
Bennett L. David,  Realtor
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